If you missed our recent webinar with Mitel and Google Cloud, you are now able to stream the session on demand, including an exclusive demonstration of CCAI in action.

Experts from Google Cloud, Mitel and Olive discussed how CCAI is helping to improve operational efficiency of businesses everywhere, using the case study of Olive customer Laithwaite's Wine who, through the power of CCAI, have the agility and ability to meet consumer demand without delay, proving it by being named one of the top 5 businesses "booming despite the lockdown" by the BBC.

Insights were also shared on how to modernise your contact center for the future with the most advanced natural language processing models from Google Cloud and leading cloud telephony.

The key points covered where how Contact Centre AI can:

  • Meet a wealth of basic customer needs
  • Increase customer satisfaction and operational efficiency
  • Empower Live Agents to better utilise their time for customer needs
  • Gain AI-driven Customer Insights

You can catch up on our 'Building for the Future with CCAI' webinar on-demand here.



TOPICS: AI, Customer Experience

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