Digital Agility in Time of Crisis: Conversation with British Red Cross

Charity Digital Leadership Day
Exploring the digital evolution of the charitable sector, and how a virtually present society means wider digitisation can’t come soon enough.

Digital Agility in Times of Crisis


What's In the Webinar?

Olive and Mitel partnered with British Red Cross in response to COVID-19, to implement a world-class cloud contact centre environment within 7 days, allowing their geographically dispersed and remote volunteers to effectively answer phone calls from any location without complexity.

In this session Mitel Head of Charities, Ben Neo, discusses why digital evolution in the Charitable sector is necessary, and how organisations can begin their transformation. Olive's  James Scotton, and Andrew Finlay Head of Service Delivery at British Red Cross, talk through how, in Andrew’s words, the ‘power of partnership’ led to an operationally agile digital transformation, allowing them to quickly respond to the pandemic and support the British public in their time of need.

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