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Create the perfect communications infrastructure for business growth

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Business mobility is more than just a mobile

Your customers expect seamless interaction between your office, devices, and your people. A single managed platform provides a smooth experience where every device is connected and consistent.

Our unique consultative approach to partnership prepares your company for future growth by providing you with easily manageable technology solutions.  

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Our Process

Identify your needs

We consult with you to discover what unique needs your business has.

Manage third parties

We negotiate contracts, tariffs, hardware, and more to meet your needs.

Remove stress

We deal with renewals, contracts, upgrades, and everything else.

We get to know you

Our consultative approach allows us to understand the unique requirements of your business. We then turn those needs into a mobility infrastructure that helps you grow.

We use our expertise and insight to help you understand what’s best for your organisation, depending on your business goals. Then, we work in partnership with you, providing front-line support to you on an individual basis.

By working with you, we identify:

The best network provider for you

The contract that saves you money on telecoms

Mobile connectivity that suits you

The perfect devices for your employees

Our partners include:
Google Cloud

Getting the latest technology into your hands

We will consult with you to ensure we procure the right technology to meet your desired business outcomes, leveraging our partnerships with marketing-leading suppliers. 

  • We provide your people with the technology to enhance their business productivity and drive better collaboration
  • Cost-effective device procurement and inventory management 
  • Protect your devices from theft, loss, and damage with business insurance
  • Advice on how to maximise your technology’s potential
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saved on telecoms

We understand providers

Understanding your bill and where unknown costs are coming from is a crucial part of successfully managing your mobile ecosystem. We take away the frustration of deciphering third-party provider bills and jargon. We'll provide you with tools to help validate your bill and help improve user behaviour, alongside and working with providers to ensure your employees are on the latest technology – including 5G.

  • We handle multi-network contract management
  • We deal with renewals, upgrades, tariffs, contracts, and more
  • Gain greater visibility over your entire mobile network
  • We provide support in the event of an issue

Grow your business on the cloud

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Olive Cloud Managed Services Platform

Secure, accessible data

Ensuring your data is always secure is vital. If you operate a Bring Your Own Device initiative, then you’ll want to know your corporate information is safe at all times – even when being accessed on an employee’s personal device. We offer security solutions that protect your data.

  • Split corporate and personal data on BYOD endpoints
  • Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) keeps corporate data secure
  • Keep the applications that help you to run your business secure too
  • Give employees the freedom to work how they want
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Expand your business mobility to build an infrastructure that promotes growth.

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