Olive LOVE working with Vodafone.  Customer service is the most important factor for Olive.  We are a service business, our business is our people.  Our partnership choices reflect our desire to find the best relationships to deliver the best communication choices to our customers.

Find out more here about how Vodafone have invested in their network significantly, bench-mark against other mobile providers and strive to constantly improve their network in order to provide customers with the best possible voice and data coverage.

  1. Building the Best Network
  2. Benchmarking
  3. Network Improvement
  4. Network Coverage
  5. Communications

1. Network investment

So what have Vodafone invested in to improve their networks and where?  This investment is not just restricted to London and the top 25 cities and towns in the UK, but motorways and commuter hubs such as airports and rail routes, as well as 150 urban cities.

2. Benchmarking

Vodafone know just how important it is to be connected to the things that matter to you. That’s why they have been working hard to make the network even bigger and better.

Vodafone were officially named the #1 network for voice in the UK. Regular and in-depth, real-life tests are conducted by trusted industry experts P3 prove that Vodafone is now the #1 network in London and the #1 network for Voice in the UK.

#1 network for voice means:

  • More of your calls WILL get through on Vodafone’s network

  • They’re connected faster

  • And with great speech quality

P3 also confirms Vodafone have the most improved network since 2015 – especially when it comes to data providing a great mobile internet experience.

3. Network Improvement

Mobile national network performance is measured continuously, by availability, dropped call rate, call set up success rate, incident resolution and other variables. Network availability for Vodafone continues to improve month on month, Dropped Call Rate continues to be stable tracking lower than the same time last year and another measurement critical to customers Call Set Up Success also remains stable, again lower than the same time last year.

4. Network Coverage

Wi-Fi calling is a feature that has been in high demand by our Enterprise customers for some time now.  Where the user finds it hard to get a mobile signal as long as there is Wi-Fi available calls can be made easily with no additional charges or apps to mess around with.  Ideal for users in their home office or in a small office environment.

Vodafone Red Stream is their state of the art, optical network, built to transform the future of business.  It is the most reliable network Vodafone have ever built and is a carrier grade core network designed for 99.999% availability.  Highly resilient and secure, it is the first truly converged network helping customers achieve business agility through access to multiple voice, data and optical services – Unified communications, Internet of things, Cloud and hosting, access and mobility and managed connectivity.

5. Communication

Customer Engagement Programmes, Major incident Communications, Enterprise Network Notification Tool and other means enable Vodafone to keep us and our customers informed of all issues and resolutions as they happen.

Olive love working with Vodafone, their commitment to network excellence and availability, customer service, innovation and business agility are reasons we manage more Vodafone connections than any other partner.  Olive put our own personal service around this brilliance and put our customers needs at the heart of everything we do.  Olive were proud to be the first Vodafone Total Communications Partner, and continue to closely partner on your behalf.

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