It's easy to fall into the trap of assuming your phone system is running perfectly well. Sure, you're aware that it drops the odd call and, occasionally, you wonder why it’s so difficult to let your contact agents work remotely. But apart from all that, it’s nothing to worry about, right?


Your business phone system is the gateway to your brand. Every customer that contacts you will pass through it on their way to make a purchase or get help. If it isn’t up to the very high standard being set by many cloud-first startups, don’t be surprised if these customers decide to go elsewhere.

But how can you tell if your phone system is due an upgrade?

Our new infographic makes it clear. It sets out the 7 most obvious indicators that your phone system needs a refresh. It's also packed with stats that are certain to justify the modernisation of your phone systems. Click below to check it out.

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TOPICS: Fixed Line, Customer Service, Business Communications

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