Welcome to our mini-series, where we hand over to an Olive customer to tell their story of ‘business as unusual’ during the on-going pandemic. We will hear how they adapted operational and customer service models during lockdown, whilst continuing to deliver simply brilliant customer experiences.

Our fourth success story comes from a veiled Olive customer, for reasons which will become apparent as you read more about the work they are doing to support vulnerable people in their community.

Olive partnered with this County Council several years ago, and as a result of the pandemic answered a call for help to provide support to some of the most vulnerable families and individuals in the county.

Here’s the account of events as told by their IT Strategic Lead.

“Olive have enabled us to keep in contact with some of the most vulnerable families we are working with in our council.  It is obviously imperative that we are able to keep connected with families to support them and facilitate assessments. At this time due to the national restrictions, video calling has become a key part of staying in touch with families. The smartphones and emergency Vodafone SIM cards we have been able to provide has enabled virtual meetings to go ahead and for social workers to undertake virtual visits to see the children and young people in their own homes.

The families, children and young people that we work alongside have been very grateful for these devices, those that have been struggling with not being able to afford credit can now call their child’s school, their social worker, and in some cases have the ability to call someone to ask for help if they are suffering from domestic abuse.

They are enabling the children and young people to keep in touch with friends and family which is helping with their emotional well-being during these challenging times. Young people are able to keep in touch with professionals from other services that are working closely with them, and it enables their social workers to maintain contact during periods of them going missing.

On top of this, parents are able to maintain contact with their own personal support network, and in certain cases where the parents are separated, the device has enabled the parent living elsewhere to receive video calls to see their children and to get regular photos and updates.

These are just a small number of examples of how Olive has made a difference to families at this difficult time, alongside Children’s Services Teams still being able to fulfill their statutory responsibilities in respect of safeguarding those that are vulnerable. Thank you for your support, for your swift response to queries and requests and for donating a large number of these SIMs to the Local Authority.”


As a reminder from the last Business as Unusual story, if you, or someone you know are struggling with mental well-being, or need some additional support - the British Red Cross have a dedicated coronavirus helpline set up ready to lend a friendly ear. Access more information here.

To understand how Olive could help your business deliver simply brilliant customer experiences and provide operational agility, chat to us today. We're proud to be supporting businesses throughout the pandemic with several free of charge remote working tools, as well as working on long-term future success roadmaps in preparation for a new way of working. 


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