Case Study: Zenith

Case Study: Zenith

Case Study: Zenith

Mobile communication solutions improve off-site ordering for Zenith


Zenith are the UK’s leading supplier of hygiene products and solutions to businesses. Raxs Patel, IT Director for Zenith, believes that their success is based on exceeding customer expectations at every step of the process. To help them achieve this, they understand the vital role technology must play. It should:

  • Be a business enabler and offer solutions to problems
  • Create an infrastructure and connectivity that is fit for purpose

Patel explains:

“We’re trying to think as radically as we can about how we use (and therefore procure) technology. For example, we no longer automatically buy staff laptops or desktops because they will only use about 1% of the functionality. If there is a specialist role, we’ll look at it on a case-by-case basis, but we don’t see any reason why our staff would need anything other than a tablet and a smartphone.”

Zenith’s challenges were twofold; primarily the technical logistics associated with field staff placing orders when off-site, as well as coping with the pressures involved with a growing business.

The app that the Zenith sales team were using for off-site ordering purposes was not suitable and therefore not being used. Instead the team were faxing orders only when they could access a fax machine; not ideal when trying to fulfil a customer’s order for the following day. Olive provides Zenith with mobile communication solutions to improve off-site ordering


Olive has supported Zenith with consultancy and by providing a converged mobile solution. The Olive team spent time with the key stakeholders in the business to understand how the departments function as well as the key business drivers. This is a unique ‘deep dive’ approach that strives to comprehend Zenith’s activity at the very heart of its business.

Olive has helped Zenith to maximise the potential of the tools they currently have, as well as the new tools that they are considering, including Windows and Android devices. The team at Zenith see this type of service as a significant advantage — it’s not just the implementation and clear cost benefits of a new solution — the support and consultancy that Olive provide is also of great value. This approach ensures that the technologies are embedded now and ongoing, and that the investment spent is continuing to support and improve business processes. With regard to WAN improvements Olive engineers are available on-site to support and guide the Zenith team throughout the process. In addition, the ordering app the Zenith team now use is based around a Microsoft solution that is better aligned to their needs. They are also planning to implement Office 365 to improve the accessibility of their team.


As an organisation, Zenith has experienced strong growth and are planning a further 20% growth year-on-year. Olive has helped Zenith to overcome their challenges and their relationship has been cemented with a two year contract to support future device and communications requirements. The managed service contract for mobility from Zenith has in fact been renewed three times. Patel explains why the company has chosen to retain Olive’s services over this extended period of time. “Put simply, we trust them,” he says.

“Their customer service is excellent and they are proactive. Making this mobile solution work requires excellent connectivity, and whilst defining and implementing this strategy, Olive have been a great consultancy resource to draw upon.”

Patel concludes:

“Like many other IT directors, I have a number of suppliers for different aspects of our IT estate. But the relationship I have with Olive is head and shoulders above the others; they are a true business partner, and they provide a level of service that I just couldn’t get if I went direct with one of the big networks.”

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