Case study: Vale Security Solutions

Case study: Vale Security Solutions

Case study: Vale Security Solutions

Olive deploys unified communications at Vale Security Solutions


Vale Security Solutions, based in Worcestershire in the UK already partnered with Olive for its business mobile phone contracts.

Subsequently they decided they needed to make further improvements to their telephony system, including both mobiles and landlines, the latter of which were supplied by BT. The reasons for the changes they required were:

  • They wanted to be closer to their customers
  • They wanted to be more responsive for their customers and provide a better level of service
  • Their previous system was reliant on a receptionist, which meant that calls on occasion were missed

The team at Vale researched the market and shopped around for the best product at the best price. They found Olive’s business communication solutions to be by far the best on the market. Vale Security Solutions approached Olive and began working with their account manager; looking for ways to improve their existing communications.


The Olive account manager analysed Vale Security Solution’s bills, both for landlines and mobiles, and also took a detailed interest in staff processes and how the office worked. After he had gained a good understanding of their requirements, he recommended Vodafone One Net Business, to not only streamline communications, but also to improve the company’s professional standing and ultimately to save them money.

The Olive account manager then organised a meeting between Olive, Vale Security Solutions and a Vodafone representative. Together they explained how the product worked, and the benefits it could have.

Olive deploys unified communications at Vale Security Solutions to reduce bills and invoices. Nicky Heath is accounts manager at Vale Security Solutions. She says:

“The features Olive offered that appealed to me were that we could have one service provider for all our telecommunications and one point of contact. Our account manager visited our offices and seemed genuinely interested in how our business worked, and what we required from our telecommunications.”

She continues:

“The new system would also provide a much better connection between our offices and our staff out on-site, as well as having a very adaptable auto-attendant for times when our reception would be unmanned.”

Shortly after installation, the team at Vale Security Solutions were provided with one-on-one training on how to use the new system, and they were given contact details for support during the implementation period.

“When it came to the installation, the Olive team were excellent,” enthuses Heath. “The engineer assigned to us was very thorough, and made sure that everything was as it should be for a swift and efficient change-over, with minimum disruption to our office and staff.”

A few days after the installation, the Olive account manager contacted the team at Vale Security Solutions to see how the new system was working. “He was interested to hear our feedback,” says Heath.


The new integrated communications solution is now fully up and running. Heath is pleased with the decision to unify their telecommunications all in one place, saying: “It was definitely the right move for our business.”

The benefits now include:

  • Missing fewer calls from customers
  • Landlines and mobiles are linked
  • Budget previously spent on receptionist resource is now no longer needed and can be spent elsewhere
  • The team can seamlessly transfer calls between managers out on-site and office staff, making life easier for customers

“Overall the service we received from Olive was second to none,” says Heath. “Our company now benefits from reduced bills, fewer invoices, and excellent account management. Not only that, but our account manager is always on the end of the phone or email to answer any questions we might have and nothing is too much trouble.”

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