Case Study: Stanton Williams

Case Study: Stanton Williams

Case Study: Stanton Williams

Olive create a blueprint for managed mobility services


Stanton Williams, a leading firm of architects, are a growing business and have over 30 architects operating out of their London base.

When their previous business mobile contract came up for renewal in September 2014, they reviewed the market and invited tenders from channel firms and major UK networks.

After reviewing their options, they chose to procure their telecoms through a channel partner, and opted for a managed service contract from Olive Communications, on the Vodafone network.


The agreement ensures that they have access to a dedicated account manager, a customer service team, a technology fund to allow for in-contract upgrades, and a competitive and flexible business tariff.

Brian Bishop, IT Manager, Stanton Williams, explains:

“What we liked about Olive’s proposal was that it didn’t try and force us down any particular route – they offered a choice of network and tariff options and the flexibility to scale up down as required.”

Bishop said:

“We’ve worked with Olive for a number of years (Olive were the incumbent before this recent tender) and we like the fact that we’re growing with them. It’s a good cultural match – they understand the requirements and challenges that professional services firms face, and map their guidance and flexible contracts to suit.”


Customer service is also a big issue for Stanton Williams. As an award winning architectural firm, if they experience problems with devices or connectivity, it could have a negative impact on their customer’s perception of them. To avoid this, they rely on Olive’s help.

Bishop testifies:

“Olive’s customer service team are excellent. They are reliable, highly responsive and have always resolved any issues we have faced quickly and competently.”

Stanton Williams will also be looking to align their fixed line telecoms estate to match their new leading-edge mobile communications contract.

Bishop explains:

“Our fixed line system is behind the times and is causing a few headaches. We’ve seen the success of Olive’s work with some of their other customers in converging mobile and fixed line telecoms, and it’s something we’d like to take advantage of. A few years ago, the technology wasn’t quite ready, but I think FMC (fixed-mobile convergence) is now well worth considering to help our staff communicate more efficiently.”

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