Olive & Vodafone – ‘Power of the Network’ event

Olive & Vodafone – ‘Power of the Network’ event

Olive & Vodafone – ‘Power of the Network’ event

Wednesday 19th April   Vodafone Newbury HQ, RG14 2FN

Enabling global, seamless collaboration for your customers, employees and partners

Power to you.  Vodafone’s brand represents an image to almost every consumer, but how are their continued investments helping in business?  In today’s changing environment, globalisation, digitalisation, tech-savvy consumers, customer service revolution, “the internet of things” and cloud everywhere philosophies, how can your IT support your business needs better?

Agenda for Wednesday 19th April 2017

9:30am –  Arrivals & Coffee

10:00am – A new year for Communications
Martin Flick, Olive Chief Executive

The challenges that organisations face when doing business globally.  2017 Key market transitions & the evolution of communications.  Olive have built our global managed service around key vendors with a cloud & mobile first model.  We will discuss how Olive have helped customers create business opportunity and operational excellence with our unique service-led approach.

10:15am – Marcus Austin, Analyst, Editor and Technical Consultant
Guest speaker

Trends in cloud, IT and mobile, digitalisation, Communications, globalisation, digital collaboration, market positioning and cloud propositions in collaboration.  Marcus created the Guardian Mobile website; which within two years of launching the site had 1+million users.  He was recognised as one of the top 100 internet pioneers in the UK at the time.*

10:45am – Vodafone corporate ppt for Enterprise customers
Guest speaker

Power of the network as an enabler.  Unique value of Vodafone and the Investments made.  What does that mean to customers (Coverage & voice & data services).  Vodafone Total Communications view – hosted voice services, Mobile, MDM.

11.15am – Coffee break and networking

11:30am – Demonstration in the Vodafone CEC
New working patterns, growing customer expectations and rapidly changing technology create new opportunities for businesses to win.  How can you transform your business to take full advantage of these opportunities?  Vodafones Customer Experience Centre has been specifically designed to help you explore these opportunities through a personalised, interactive journey designed for Olive’s customers.

12:30pm – Lunch

1.15pm – Vodafone Better ways of working
Vodafone CIO

Better ways of working specialist.  Vodafone employ over 100,000 people, in 85 offices around newbury, how do their collaboration tools allow businesses to grow, innovate and communicate.  People, process, technology elements.

1:45pm – More demonstrations in the Vodafone CEC

2:45pm – 3pm – Wrap up
Martin Flick, Olive Chief Executive

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Event location:

Vodafone Newbury HQ
The Connection,
Newbury RG14 2FN

The ability to communicate, collaborate and make decisions instantly and simply, on a global scale will deliver business value and growth.  With operational & cost concerns, as well as managing complexity, a single vendor managed, cloud communications platform are the natural choice for global IT leaders.

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