Olive & Vodafone – ‘Power of the Network’ customer event

Olive & Vodafone – ‘Power of the Network’ customer event

Olive & Vodafone – ‘Power of the Network’ customer event

Wednesday 24th May Vodafone Newbury HQ, RG14 2FN

Learn how Vodafone’s suite of services can help your organisation innovate and help grow your business

Power to you. Vodafone’s brand represents an image to almost every consumer, but how are their continued investments helping in business? In today’s changing environment, globalisation, digitalisation, tech-savvy consumers, customer service revolution, “the internet of things” and cloud everywhere philosophies, how can your IT support your business needs better?

Why attend?
Whether you are a new customer to Vodafone, or already have some services, this is the event to learn about their recent multi-million investments, hear speakers from Vodafone Corporate HQ talk about the Vodafone story, how they improve their own working practices, and how their IT investments can support your business.

Agenda for Wednesday 24th May

9:30 am – Arrivals & Coffee

10:00 am – What does this year look like for Communications?
Wreford Miles, Olive Strategic Partnerships Director

Introductions & agenda. How Olive & Vodafone partner to manage and deliver your communications, helping businesses to improve agility, performance, and productivity. What are the challenges that organisations face when doing business globally?  Digitisation, trends in communications, cloud, globalisation challenges.  Collaboration with a network has never been more possible.

10:30 am – The power of Vodafone in partnership with Olive
Helen Freestone, Head of UK Partnerships & Alliances

How do Vodafone & Olive together help enterprises improve through their communications?  The Power of the Vodafone network, its investments, and innovation…enabling global businesses to support their partners, employees, and customers.

11.15 am – Coffee break and networking

11:30 am – People, Places and Processes: how the Internet of Things could help your business
Daniel Winn, Head of Internet of Things, Vodafone UK

Gartner positions Vodafone as a market leader in IoT, 76% of businesses believe the Internet of Things is crucial to their success.  Hear from Vodafone about their strategy and vision, and how to keep your business innovating, by taking advantage of transforming your assets into intelligent devices.

12:15 am – Unified Communications & the Future Workspace.
Jay Choudry, Head of Future Workspace, Vodafone UK
Managing your communications to improve performance and productivity.  Vodafone Unified Communications.

1:00 pm – Lunch

1.30 pm – Introduction to One Net Business
James O’Neill, One Net specialist, Vodafone

New working patterns, growing customer expectations, rapidly changing technology and uncertain economic conditions, how can businesses adapt to these climate shifts?

2:00 pm – Vodafone Power of the Network
Bob Dennis, Vodafone, Quality & Service Improvement Manager

Power of the network.  What investments have Vodafone made, and what does this mean to customers (Coverage & voice & data services).

2:30 pm – Wrap up
Wreford Miles, Olive Strategic Partnerships Director

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Event location:

Vodafone Newbury HQ
The Connection,
Newbury RG14 2FN

The ability to communicate, collaborate and make decisions instantly and simply, on a global scale will deliver business value and growth. With operational & cost concerns, as well as managing complexity, a single vendor managed, cloud communications platform are the natural choice for global IT leaders.