Case Study: LJB Services

Case Study: LJB Services

Case Study: LJB Services

Jamie Buttery, Director, LJB Services & Supplies, explains the difference Olive and Vodafone One Net have made to his business


“Prior to our implementation of Vodafone One Net we had a number of discussions with our account manager, where we outlined our objectives and hopes for a new telecoms system.

Our account manager quickly understood exactly what we wanted, and ensured that we got exactly the system we needed. He ensured that any concerns we had were explained and avoided.”


“We found Olive very professional – they kept in constant contact during and after the installation of our new One Net system, which hasn’t always been the case when we’ve implemented IT or telecoms systems previously.”


“Our experience is that generally sales people sell you a deal and that’s pretty much the end of all contact. With Olive, this absolutely was not the case and they were professional, down to earth and just wanted the best for the customer.

As a result we are very happy with the team, and with the Vodafone solution they are managing for us.”

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