Case Study: Land and Water

Case Study: Land and Water

Case Study: Land and Water

Full telecoms audit creates commercial advantage for Land and Water



Land and Water is an award-winning group of companies specialising in marine-based civil engineering, dredging and remediation projects. They have three UK offices, but their incumbent telecoms provider was not meeting their high standards of expected service or value.

Simon Greenaway, Procurement Manager, Land and Water, explains:

“As a medium-sized firm of around 150 employees, we’re of a size where we need specialist support for non-core areas of our business, such as telephony. But we didn’t feel we were getting the best help, or the keenest commercial value from our existing arrangements.”

Greenaway continues:

“We need our suppliers to understand our objectives and ways of working. We want them to become true business partners – in the sense that they are proactive to our needs, add value on an ongoing basis, and ensure that our systems and contractual arrangements are consistently fit for purpose.”


To demonstrate to the business that moving telecoms suppliers would make commercial sense, Land and Water engaged one of the UK’s leading managed communications providers, Olive Communications, to conduct a telecoms audit. They then made available one months’ worth of telecoms billing information to Olive.

Olive’s audit process involves a combination of automation, through its innovative Olive Billing Manager (OBM) software, which is then scrutinised for exceptions and red flags by its team of experienced commercial consultants. The output from the audit is a bespoke report, which the customer can use as they wish.

In this case, Olive’s audit of Land and Water’s telecoms estate uncovered a number of anomalies in existing billing. Olive’s analysis of tariff arrangements and call costs also uncovered some significant areas of improvement, and opportunities for savings.

Greenaway explains:

“Olive’s telecoms audit is a fantastic tool for procurement or IT professionals. It shows exactly what is being spent where, which lines are not being used, and where costs can easily be saved, all in an easily digestible and clear report. It allowed me to make the case internally that we were not getting good value, and to demonstrate that we could be doing far better by looking elsewhere.”


As a result of the audit, and subsequent discussions about new and improved service levels, Land and Water chose to move their fixed line telecoms contract to Olive.

The new two-year contract is saving them 20% annually, and they have opted to make use of OBM on an ongoing basis. All Land and Water’s fixed line and mobile bills are now made available through this online tool, with analysis and management information accessible in real time.

Greenaway concludes:

“Olive has demonstrated that you can have your cake and eat it. They have saved us significant costs on our previous telecoms supplier and they are already demonstrating a first-class level of customer service. We’re delighted and we look forward to working with them to help our organisation reach its potential through the effective use of communications. This is what I consider a true business partner should deliver.”


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