Case Study: GES

Case Study: GES

Case Study: GES

GES make significant cost and time savings with a converged solution from Olive.


The Global Experience Specialists (GES) are one of the UK’s leading exhibition and event services companies. Like many growing businesses, they had their fair share of challenges when it came to communications and connectivity, including:

  • Monitoring – keeping complete records on which staff member had which device, how old the device was, what tariff the device was on, and the IMEI number.
  • Management – GES managed contracts for their communications from multiple providers, which was often time consuming.
  • Modernity – GES hadn’t audited their communications technology for quite some time, and were unsure that their entire telecoms estate was still fit-for-purpose, in light of modern working practices.
  • Mobility – GES also wanted to ensure that workforce productivity and user experience was consistent across the company, regardless of the location, or movement of employees.


Having already been an existing Olive mobile customer for many years, GES approached Olive once again, requesting help. Martin Wheatley, Procurement

Manager at GES says of Olive:

“The team take a strategic, consultative approach. They understand how to balance commercial challenges facing procurement teams, with the enabling role that telecoms and technology can deliver to businesses. Their customer service is first-class and the relationship is strong, which earned them the right to talk to us about our wider telecoms estate.”

Olive instigated a full commercial audit, looking at where improvements could be made with mobile provision, and GES’s two incumbent fixed line and connectivity providers, who had not been recently evaluated. The audit highlighted a number of areas where efficiencies could be gained, in mobility and fixed estate, and with a view to better managing information across multiple locations.

The outcome was a new unified communications contract, incorporating enterprise mobility, fixed lines, and broadband connectivity. This two year contract equipped GES staff with tablets and smart devices, fully enabled to utilise the most optimum method of connectivity, including 4G.

With GES on the best telecoms platform for their business needs, Olive also introduced their cloud-based telecoms management software, Olive Business Manager (OBM). This allows GES to monitor all of their mobile and fixed line bills through one online portal, therefore gaining visibility on all contracts for all staff. OBM also allows for bespoke reporting, drilling down into unique user records for texts and calls, and even the amount of premium numbers called across the user base.


Since the new unified communications contract and OBM management system have been put in place, GES has seen significant in-year and on-going savings operationally and financially. Martin Wheatley, Procurement Manager at GES, said:

“We’re delighted they’ve been able to identify a number of areas where we can make cost savings, while at the same time, implementing new technology to help our staff be even more productive.”

Olive have also enabled GES to take the headache out of managing multiple contracts, by providing everything that their business needs through one provider, and monitored from one customised portal. The benefits of which are both cost and time saving to GES.

The Olive Account Manager comments:

“We are pleased to have been working in close partnership with GES and to have provided cost and time savings. We aim to achieve further similar savings for GES in the near future.”

GES now also have the ability to fully keep tabs on their communications devices, analyse and monitor usage, and report on trends for future productivity changes.

Looking forward, GES plan to utilise Olive to look into their IT and telecoms infrastructure as a whole, to provide further efficiencies and savings. They are currently spending time liaising with Olive to provide better efficiencies in their P&L.

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