CSR & Values

CSR & Values

CSR & Values

Olive Corporate Social Responsibility

As a business, Olive has grown rapidly. We now support 7,000 customers and connect over 150,000 corporate citizens. We believe such growth comes with real responsibility and that social responsibility should be an extension of the business, not a formality.

Olive has an appointed steering committee who develop and manage our CSR policies, to ensure we take an ethical and sustainable approach to our business processes and decisions.

All members of the Olive team are required to undertake the principles of this policy responsibly. They are expected to act with integrity and reflect that we are a company that customers trust and employees want to work for.

We carry out all CSR initiatives transparently, in line with our Anti-Corruption and Anti-Bribery policy. As a result of this approach, Olive has invested over the years in numerous local and national charitable and fundraising events, both on a corporate level and in support of individual employees’ charitable endeavours.

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