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Cloud Communications

What we do

When and where people work is no longer just 9-5 in the office. The rise of a more flexible approach to how we work has driven a desire for flexibility in how we communicate. With some legacy, premise based telephony platforms, adding flexibility can be expensive, which can make the benefits seem harder to justify.

Communications tools that are hosted in the cloud can be paid for as and when your people need to use them and often with minimal upfront investment.  Olive has access to a range of flexible, powerful, hosted communications tools delivered on a utility basis.

How we do it

We assess the needs of your business and your people, and then design a solution to suit. This can be based on a range of designs including on-premise, private cloud or shared service.

The pricing model can include fixed line access and calls, basic, standard or enhanced telephony features and all managed through a single interface for making changes and monitoring usage.

Cloud Telephony & Contact Centres

Why Olive?

Olive is different. We are not burdened with having to support or work within a legacy of fixed telephony and IT, which makes it easier for us to act quickly and for our people to work flexibly. We firmly believe in practicing what we preach and all of the technology we use ourselves is hosted in the cloud. This gives us a unique insight into operating a growing services business using this technology, and the benefits that cloud-based technology can bring. We want to pass on our passion and our learnings about the cloud to you, our customer.

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