Cloud and Managed Services


What we do

Changing work practices have forced businesses to stand back and re-evaluate their IT needs.

They are seeking to do more with less and figure out how to get the best return on what they already pay for.

As a result, Olive has built access to flexible connectivity services at the edge of the corporate network. This enables your business to benefit from either fixed or mobile carrier connectivity, delivered over a secure, high speed and managed service.

How we do it

Your network is the foundation on which all IT services are delivered and access to IT is crucial for your business. It is the fuel that keeps the business engine powered and ready for action.

We partner with the UK’s leading network service aggregators and connect your sites to a secure, highly resilient, managed MPLS core. This ensures you get the best priced, fit for purpose network, and more importantly, the assurance that your engine will keep running in all circumstances.



Why Olive?

Olive use best in class network services from a range of carriers. We design and build a competitively priced, but highly secure and highly resilient network to connect your business privately or to the cloud. This allows your people to be highly productive and efficient wherever they are: or always connected as we term it.