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Audit and Consultancy

What we do

The challenge facing IT leaders is to create a consistent and seamless experience for users, whilst maintaining a secure environment. This requires careful planning.

Our audit service provides the detailed commercial information required to start making informed decisions about your next steps towards refreshing technology and smart procurement.

How we do it

The initial engagement is a technology audit or communications discovery consultation. These sessions help you to understand how ‘fit for purpose’ your current telecoms arrangements are and where you could save costs.

It’s often the first time a customer has seen all their supplier costs in one place, which provides a benchmark to work on improving communications.

We then identify duplicate costs, or where firms are paying for things they are not using. These costs can be immediately recovered from existing suppliers. We then look at where new products or services could be introduced to support your IT strategy or underpin broader business initiatives.

Why Olive?

Olive has deep experience of analysing billing information for many of the UK’s leading organisations. We use a combination of automated software and our team of skilled analysts and we believe we can always find significant savings for customers. The initial consultation meeting comes with no strings attached: we know from experience it will provide you with significant food for thought and options to consider. It could be that you use that information to support what you are already doing with your existing suppliers, or it might give you ideas for new projects.