Case study: Thatcham Research

Case study: Thatcham Research

Case study: Thatcham Research

Thatcham Research and Olive Communications design and deliver results together


Thatcham Research is perhaps best known by motorists for testing vehicle security systems and for their work in testing seats for whiplash prevention, Thatcham Research also provide the majority of data that insurers use to define a car’s insurance grouping and administer the insurance Group Rating system on behalf of the ABI (Association of British Insurers).

Data for Group Rating purposes includes the vehicle security information that is obtained from Thatcham’s comprehensive New Vehicle Security Assessments, as well as actual and simulated data from a standard low-speed impact test in the centre’s Crash Laboratory.

Thatcham Research also has a key role in shaping the designs of new vehicles and the use of materials and technology. Working closely with vehicle manufacturers, the centre has been able to influence vehicle design concepts both in terms of safety and security and through the provision of fully researched repair methods is seen in many quarters as the driving force behind standards in vehicle repair.

Reinforcing their position as opinion leaders and experts in vehicle repair Thatcham’s  Automotive Academy provides training and accreditation, both for apprentices at the very start of their career and for more experienced technicians looking to update and reaffirm their skills.

Thatcham and Olive started working together last year to design and update Thatcham’s communications platforms.  Thatcham’s IT team wanted to replace an on-premise, legacy PBX system which was starting to become costly to maintain, and lacked functionality, as well as being unwieldy to make adds, moves and changes.  The new design incorporated a Vodafone mobile service integrated fully with a cloud unified communications platform from Gamma Horizon and Polycom IP handsets.  This cloud design is delivered and fully managed 24 x 7 by Olive as a single, seamless solution, and has the benefit of being able to incorporate new APIs and third-party solutions such as call recording, and conferencing as the business demands.

David Maskell, IT services and infrastructure manager said Olive didn’t just come to us with a one-size-fits-all attitude, our users were profiled, to ensure the right services could be offered dependant on their job type, and the design team worked with us to consolidate our aging infrastructure into one platform, that could grow easily as our requirements changed.  I was particularly impressed with the Project Management team at Olive who managed the whole process and thanks to them our implementation stage went extremely smoothly”.

“The system had the additional benefits of being delivered as an opex cost, which made budgeting easier and an initial outlay avoided.”

Olive Account Manager, Ben Long, said “We are delighted to work with the Thatcham team, and help them realise the full benefits of a cloud-based telephony solution, to enable collaboration across their business”

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