Case study: P.S.Ridgway

Case study: P.S.Ridgway

Case study: P.S.Ridgway

Olive customer services win over haulage and warehousing firm P.S. Ridgway

Dundee-based haulage and warehousing company P.S. Ridgway Ltd is a family firm, proud of their own service and have an excellent reputation for personal attention and movement of customers’ goods throughout the United Kingdom. The company’s management team has a lifetime of experience in the transport industry going back beyond the formation of the present company in 1970.

From long distance haulage, overnight trunking, palletised freight, secure warehouse storage, parking space or a contracted logistics service, they offer a specialisation in the careful handling of textile products, paper products, fast moving consumer goods, engineering products, textiles and many other goods.

In 2016 P.S. Ridgway resigned a contract with Olive to deliver UK wide mobile service with Vodafone.  Olive implemented and delivered a sim-only deal for P.S. Ridgway to keep their costs down, and using Vodafone gives them the best coverage in the UK and Scotland.  Ridgway’s business is all about keeping in touch, and being able to contact all their drivers at any time is paramount to efficiency, reporting of delivery performance and driver safety.

Mark Ridgway, owner, loves the service he has received from Olive’s customer service team.  “Olive’s reaction times are fantastic.  They do what they say they will.  Every person in Olive’s Contact Centre sounds like they really love working there and the great service they provide is a credit to our business.”

Mark added “For a Corporate company to come across as a family-run firm is really unusual and it is the reason we continue to do business with Olive.  We have over 50 vehicles, and our drivers rely on their phones not just for communications, but for the Proof of Delivery application, so if one is lost or smashed, and the guys are away all week, we need a new sim really quickly.  Olive customer service has never let us down.  Whoever answers the call, they always get straight onto it and understand how important it is to sort out a problem for us. Olive’s next day delivery service means my drivers can keep in contact and get back on with their jobs as soon as possible.”

For Mark being able to keep in touch, receive and monitor delivery statistics is essential, particularly when dealing with their key clients.

“Being able to keep in touch with head office reduces everybody’s stress levels and the quick turnaround makes resuming full service possible straight away.”

Andrew Hakin is their Olive Account Manager, he explained “we have a great working relationship with Mark and P.S. Ridgway, their company ethos mirrors our own Olive values.  Mark knows that if I’m out visiting customers and can’t pick up the phone he can call the customer experience team and have his query or request dealt with quickly and efficiently. They are a family run firm with their customers at the heart of what they do, they are a great company and a pleasure to manage”.

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