Case study: HBCL Coldstores

Case study: HBCL Coldstores

Case study: HBCL Coldstores

HBCL Coldstores, Olive & Vodafone keep customers cool in power outage

Based in the heart of Yorkshire, HBCL Coldstores are a leading and highly respected supplier of food safe paneling systems and coldstores, to the food manufacturing, storage and distribution industries.

Through years of experience HBCL Coldstores can confidently boast to being specialists in the design, manufacture and installation of chiller and freezer cold stores, food processing facilities, temperature controlled environments, firewall systems and partitioning. This has assisted in the continued growth of their customer base to include the UK’s leading retailing groups, food processors, food manufacturers, pharmaceutical and construction companies.

Listening to and understanding their clients business operation, helps HBCL to work around difficulties and minimize any disruption. They pride themselves on strong relationships and getting results; making a real difference to customers.

Caroline Lovett is co-owner and General manager, and also looks after the facilities at HBCL Coldstores. One of her responsibilities is the company’s communications. Originally Olive provided a pure mobile service to HBCL, and the telephony systems were provided elsewhere. Now, HBCL have one consolidated converged solution from Olive, which is not only more cost effective, but better from a management perspective. A single contract with one company made operations and processes much more simple and was the main attraction for HBCL working with Olive. Caroline said “We have always had a good rapport with our team from Olive and this relationship is extremely important to us. Knowing that there is someone at the end of the phone, always ready to provide good service is key to us.”

HBCLs old telephone system was antiquated and they were keen for Olive to renew this early, to give them a combined 10% YOY cost saving over the 60 month term, and wrap in the flexibility and opportunity to refresh their technology throughout the term. Olive have provided a converged communications platform that includes Vodafone one-net for business.

The main test of the system came recently, when heavy rains storms in the north left areas of Yorkshire flooded and HBCL without power for several hours. During the power outage Caroline said that their resilient communications platform kept performing when one of the key Vodafone One Net features ‘Disaster Recovery’ kicked in and diverted all business calls to a select group of mobiles within the HBCL group, and meant that key customers could still call in to place orders, report issues, and get professional advice. This is particularly important in their line of business, as many of their large clients have huge coldstores and needed to prevent the loss of expensive stock.

The importance of this continuing communications service, enabled HBCL in partnership with Olive and Vodafone to keep their customer service and sales lines open, and business to continue as usual, enabling all parties to keep their cool.

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