Case study: BPP

Case study: BPP

Case study: BPP

BPP, Europe’s largest specialist professional education, training and publishing provider, chose Olive Communications to implement a new managed mobility solution.

Olive are providing and managing BPP’s 600 mobile connections (via Vodafone) and their fixed line estate.

BPP are seeking to converge their communications at the network and infrastructure level, and this is the first step towards doing so.

BPP, like many other organisations, has sought to create efficiencies and opportunities for cost savings, primarily by rationalising building estates. This has allowed for more staff to work remotely and flexibly, so that over the last two years they have increased their mobile connections from 350 to 600, as they become more flexible in working patterns and less people need or want a fixed-line phone.

Richard Brown, EMEA Voice Services Manager for BPP, part of the Apollo Group, explains:

“The telecoms market is a really interesting place to be, but as a buyer, the options are almost endless, with many different commercial and technological delivery models. But Olive are a trusted partner who have not just helped us navigate the waves of technology but to take advantage of them. We’ve saved significant amounts for our business, but we’re also ensuring our users are as connected as we need them to be, which supports greater productivity.”

As part of the new contract, BPP will benefit from Olive’s commercial flexibility, with BPP switching between different types of BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) licences, and to a new mobile plan providing free talk time. These combined changes will save them nearly 50% on monthly call charges. Olive will also help BPP devise a converged cloud-based voice and data network, to allow BPP to migrate to Mitel soft-phone and Microsoft Lync functionality and connectivity when they are ready to do so. This is the second time BPP have chosen Olive as their telecoms partner. Brown explains how the initial engagement begun:

“We chose Olive initially as their solution was compelling – in fact they shone over the competition. Our incumbent was poor value for money, with account managers who added little value and just weren’t responsive to our requirements.”

Over the course of the current contract, BPP have also derived significant value from Olive’s unique ‘hardware fund’ facility, which allows customers an allotted amount to change or upgrade devices mid-contract. BPP were not just able to replace the vast majority of the old handsets, but to completely refresh them. This ensured they were fit for purpose for the next two years, not just the next six months.

Brown explains:

“This time around, when we came to renew our telecoms contract, one major network operator in particular tried extremely hard to win our business, but my view was that they were not ready to support business communications requirements. I also didn’t want to switch away from the Vodafone network, which I’ve found very reliable, and from Olive, who have been absolutely outstanding as our managed telecoms partner.”

Brown continues…

“Olive are a really dynamic and focused organisation and the people that have recently joined have made a massive impact, taking what was already a very good company to one that I now see as a market leader. The quality and responsiveness of customer service and the proficiency of their account managers are second to none. When this is added to the vision and the ability to help customers future-proof themselves against technology and telecoms changes, it makes for a very potent blend.”

Martin Flick, CEO, Olive Communications said:

“We pride ourselves on being obsessed with customer satisfaction. Having existing customers renew with us, despite fierce competition in the market, is the best way to know we are achieving our goals. We’re therefore really pleased to continue the journey with BPP as we ensure they can take maximum advantage of communications convergence, and to help them reach their potential.”

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